Many things move from D2L 10.3 to Canvas without issue, but it will be important for instructors to review courses that were moved into Canvas.


Transfers from ICON (D2L 10.3) to Canvas


Below is a list of course tools, settings, and material that instructors should review for courses that have moved from D2L to Canvas.

Transfers to Canvas: Be sure to review:
Content                                                Transfers to Modules in Canvas. Check for broken links to D2L content, check that correct content is available/hidden, update due dates.  Content that had restrictions or intelligent agents will need updating.
Discussions Update and check Discussion and assignment settings.
Dropbox Transfers to Assignments in Canvas. Update and check assignment settings.
Files (HTML) Canvas attempts to import D2L HTML Files as Canvas Pages and as static HTML files. HTML Files in D2L Content will import to Modules and may connect to the static HTML page rather than the native Canvas Pages version. Use the Canvas Pages version of the file or create a new Page if you want to make any edits to imported HTML files from D2L.
Grades D2L grade items and categories are Assignments and Assignment Groups in Canvas. Creation and setup of (display/weighting, etc) grades is done on Assignments page.  Grades page is primarily for entering grades.  No equivalent option for formula grades exists in Canvas.
News Transfers to Canvas as an Announcement. Check availability.
Quizzes Imported Quizzes select a best-fit match, based on available question types in Canvas.  Imported questions will be given a default point value of 1pt; quiz settings will need to be updated.  Not all question types import successfully. Detailed information on how specific question types transfer from D2L to Canvas is available PDF iconhere.



Does not transfer from ICON (D2L 10.3) to Canvas


The items listed below can not be moved into Canvas, but can be accomplished using Canvas tools with similar functionality.  A few ICON (D2L 10.3) tools do not have an equivalent tool in Canvas.

Does Not Transfer: Canvas Alternatives:
Attendance Use the Attendance/Roll Call tool in Canvas. 
Checklist Does not transfer.  Canvas has a "To Do list" that is populated from assignments in your course.  You may also want to use Module Requirements
Content Descriptions Does not transfer. Create Text Headers or create a Module Page with Introductory content.
External Tools Does not transfer. LTI tools available in D2L are available in Canvas.
Glossary No equivalent tool. Use Pages tool to create your own glossary.
Groups/Sections Student-related data does not transfer over.  Custom release conditions will be affected. Sections are auto-created in Canvas by MAUI. Use course tool to create groups.
Homepages Homepage layout and custom content available on D2L course homepages do not transfer.  You can create a custom home page in Canvas using the Pages tool.
Intelligent Agents No equivalent tool.
Learning Activity Library No equivalent tool.
Quicklinks Transfered to External Links in an earlier version of Canvas, but does not currently transfer. Contact the ITS Help Desk if you have links you would like moved from D2L to Canvas.
Release Conditions Dates/Prerequisites do not transfer. Module Requirements and Prerequisites are available in Canvas.
Rubrics Does not transfer.  The Rubrics tool in Canvas displays within SpeedGrader for ease of use.
Seating Chart Does not transfer. See Attendance/Roll Call tool.
Widgets Widgets won't move from D2L to Canvas, but you can use the Pages tool in Canvas to create custom content.
** Content Import Errors In Canvas, go to Settings - Import Content and click on the "Issues" link to see a list of items that did not import from D2L correctly. You can also use the Validate Links button to check for broken links.


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February 23, 2017