Combine Multiple Sections into one Course - ICON (Canvas)

ICON course sites are automatically created for every section of a course that is created in MAUI.  You may find it is more efficient for multiple ICON sites be combined into one site, so that all of your students in various sections of a course share the same ICON space and you only need to maintain one site. 

Instructors can cross-list sections in their Canvas courses. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to cross-list course sections in Canvas, see:

When to Combine

The best time to cross-list course sections is before entering any content into the course offerings that will be used to create the merged course. Only student enrollments will be brought into the primary course, not student generated data or files.

When not to Combine

If the course is already a cross-listed course in MAUI the course rosters will automatically be merged by the nightly integration that takes place. No additional course shell will be created in ICON, so no combining is necessary.

If the separate course shells have already been in use, existing student course content will be wiped out from the merged section. Students’ enrollments will be changed, but the student generated data and files stay in the course shell.

How to view Students

All students in combined sites will be displayed in one course site within ICON (Canvas). You are able to view Grades [ 1 ] and also assign content by individual section(s).

Grades Section View

What about my TA’s and Collegiate IT Professionals

TA’s will either need to be added to each section in MAUI before the merge, or manually to the sections in ICON (Canvas) after the merge is completed.

If you merge your course sections across colleges, for example when combining a course from the College of Education with a course offered by the Division of Continuing Education, you will need to be mindful of who needs access to your course. By requesting a merge across departments or colleges you may turn off some people’s access to your course. It is preferred to use the Division of Continuing Education’s course (sections ending in :0EXW, for example) as the primary course in these merges.

De-cross-list a section in your Canvas course

If you made a mistake in the cross-listing process, and need to pull out one of the sections that you have already cross-listed, this can be accomplished by "de-cross-listing" the section in Canvas.  Instructors do not have access to the De-Cross-List this Section button. To request de-cross-listing of a section, please contact the Help Desk

Request that the ICON Team combine your courses

To request your course sections to be combined in ICON (Canvas), fill out the Course Mapping Request Form

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February 23, 2017