Bongo is a GPS-based, real-time passenger information system that allows riders to find current bus locations as well as predictions for upcoming bus arrivals for the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and Coralville.

1. Download the free app through the Apple App store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices). Alternatively, you can also access Bongo through the University of Iowa mobile app: HawkTools. You can download that at the Apple App store or Google Play Store for free, as well. You can also visit on the web if you don't have access to the app; the directions will just vary slightly. 

2. When you open the app, your default screen should be set to "Bongo," this is shown by the antelope highlighted in green on the bottom left of the screen.

3. On this main screen, you can see the weather forecast for the day, as well as your saved "favorite stops." Since you just downloaded the app, this should say "No favorite stops" for the time being. 

Bongo app home page

To add favorite stops, click on the "Stops" button, which is two to the right from "Bongo." Here, you can use the search engine to find stops, or scroll through the list until you find the one you want. Every stop on the University of Iowa Cambus, Iowa City, and Coralville routes is listed here. 

bongo app list of stops

Once you find the stop you would like to bus from, go ahead and click on it. For example, let's say you are at Schaeffer Hall and would like to bus from the Downtown Interchange stop.

Bongo app Downtown Interchange stop

Simply click on the Downtown Interchange route, and once on the page, you can see all of the different buses that will be stopping at your location and the times they will be coming.

The most common routes students take are: red route, blue route, and the interdorm routes. Students can refer to a catchy saying: "red to rienow, blue to burge" to remember which route goes to the west side of campus, and which route goes to the east side of campus. The interdorm route will take you to both sides of campus.

If you would like to save this stop as a favorite, simply press the star in the top right corner to turn it green. 

You should now be able to view the stop in your "Favorites" tab, which can be located under the star image in the bottom right hand corner. It is helpful to save your most used stops here, as it gives you quick and easy access for future use. 

Bongo app favorites page

You can also save your favorite routes. Click on the "Routes" tab which is located in between the "Bongo" and "Stops" tab. 

Here, you can view all of the routes, which are organized under the categories of Coralville, Iowa City, or Cambus. 

Bongo app routes

Next, pick the route you would like to use. For example, let's say you always take the red route to get to your west side dorm, Hillcrest, at the end of your school day. You will want to scroll down to "Cambus" and click on the "Red" route. Remember, if you're not sure if the route you want to take will drop you off at your destination, just double check the map to see if your stop is on it.  

Bongo app red route

Since Rienow Hall is listed as a stop, we know we are taking the right bus. 

From here, you can add the red route to your "Favorites" tab by again clicking the green star in the top right hand corner. Or you can click on "Rienow Hall," to get more information about the stop. 

Bongo app rienow hall stop

You can now save Rienow Hall as a favorite stop if you would like. 

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July 11, 2017