ICON - Overview and Content
Learn how to use ICON (powered by Canvas) to make course materials and assignments available to your students in a timely, easily accessible manner.
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ICON - Discussions and Groups
Learn how to use ICON (powered by Canvas) to create and use Discussion Forums, Groups and the Conversations tool within your course.

ICON - Grades
Learn how to use ICON (powered by Canvas) to set up grades using the Assignments tool, and grade assignments using Grades or the SpeedGrader tool.

ICON - Advanced Grades

Learn how the course settings and gradebook options in ICON (powered by Canvas) can be used in your course sites.

ICON - Quizzes
Learn how to use ICON (powered by Canvas) to create, grade and manage Quizzes in your course.

* The following training documents can be used for new users of ICON (powered by Canvas) who have instructor access to a course within Canvas.  They can also be used as a reference document for existing users.

PDF iconOverview and Content

PDF iconDiscussions

PDF iconBasic Grades

PDF iconAdvanced Grades

PDF iconQuizzes

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February 22, 2017