The Large Lecture Transformation Project

Large lecture courses are a traditional mainstay of any university campus.  They have historically provided an extremely efficient way to impart information to the largest number of students with the least amount of faculty resources.  However, abundant research indicates that students are better prepared and more engaged when they learn in environments that are interactive and/or provide a more personalized experience.

The project aims to transform several large courses from traditional lecture hall formats to hybrid deliveries supported by technology.  We strive to identify sustainable models for alternative large course delivery that increase student engagement and satisfaction, thereby leading to greater student success. 

The technologies and pedagogies employed are based upon models that have already proven successful around the country, however, innovations and improvements to those practices will be implemented by the project team in collaboration with the faculty partner.


The LLT project has two principal objectives

  • Increase the level of student-centered learning
  • Make more effective use of university resources (faculty time and learning spaces)
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May 19, 2016