Center for Teaching or 335-6048

The Center works to enhance faculty professional development and advocates for meaningful learning experiences in the context of disciplinary needs and with the implementation of pedagogies and technologies appropriate to student learning needs.


Jane Russell - Instructional and Research Specialist in Center for Teaching or 354-2724

Jane Russel
Jane's primary task is to help develop and implement the large lecture transformation project. She works closely with faculty and staff engaged in this project to transform each course’s curriculum.



Mark S. Andersland - Associate Professor

Mark Andersland
Professor Mark Andersland is transforming his Electrical Circuits course.


E Art Bettis - Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Art Bettis is transforming his Introduction to Environmental Science course.


Frank Durham - Associate Professor

Frank Durham
Professor Frank Durham is transforming his Media History and Culture lecture course.


Adam Ward - Assistant Professor

Adam Ward
Professor Adam Ward is transforming his Introduction to Environmental Science lecture course.
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May 19, 2016