Export grades from ICON to a CSV file, and then import that file to MAUI

  • When using this method to import grades to MAUI from ICON, it is important to be aware of how ICON treats ungraded items. 
  • Instructors can set the gradebook to treat ungraded items as zero, but this only changes your personal view of the gradebook, but does not change the values of the items. See https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10225 for details on how to change your view of the gradebook to see ungraded items as zero. 
  • When exporting to a csv and importing to MAUI, we recommend entering zeros for ungraded assignments. See https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/107306 for details on how to force your gradebook to have zeros for ungraded assignments. 


1. Export your grades from Canvas using the steps at https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-2849

2. Once the export has completed you will need to verify that the field "SIS User ID" includes any leading zeros. These numbers are the student's UniversityID numbers and they have to match exactly for the upload to work. To change the column of SIS User ID to be 8 digits in length:

A. Select  the entire column by right-clicking on the column letter

Change SIS User ID cell format to be 8 digits


B. Choose Format Cells

Choose Format Cells from the dropdown


C. In the Format Cells Window:
          1. Choose Custom
          2. Click the "0"
          3. In the "Type:" field enter 8 zeros - "00000000"
          4. Click OK

Select Custom, click the 0, enter eight zeros in the Type field and click OK.


D. The cells should now have 8 digit SIS User ID's

Correctly configured, the SIS User ID column should now have 8 digit numbers


NOTE: Lines 10 & 11 do not have SIS User ID's and this is because row 10 is a local ICON account and not officially affiliated with the University of Iowa. Row 11 is the Test Student which is created and added to your Gradebook after you use/access the Student View feature in ICON for testing functionality within a course.

3. Delete 3 of the 4 ‘Final Letter Grade’ columns listed within the exported gradebook csv file - they are not needed.

A) Current Grade: Score based on only submitted assignments and unmuted assignments (excludes muted assignments).
B) Unposted Current Grade: Score based on only submitted assignments and muted assignments (excludes unsubmitted assignments).
C) Final Grade: Overall score including unsubmitted assignments as zero (excludes muted assignments).
D) Unposted Final Grade: Overall score including unsubmitted assignments as zero and muted assignments (if any).

4. Within the CSV file headings, rename the remaining column from ‘Grades’ to ‘Scores’ (e.g. ‘Final Grade’ to ‘Final Score’).

5. Log into MAUI.

6. Click on My Courses.

7. Click on the Edit link under the Final List column.

8. Click Upload Final Grades

9. Click Browse and select the file from your computer. 

10. Click Show Sample data. The next page will show a sample of the data that was imported from the file.
11. If the grade data looks correct to you, click Validate data. MAUI will test the data in the file to make sure it’s in the right format.

12. Click Import File to import the grades from the csv file into MAUI.

13. MAUI will show a message about the grades being successfully processed. Click either Save and Complete Course Later or Submit Course to DEO.
NOTE: - grades cannot be processed until they have been submitted to the DEO for approval. Meaning, you must click Submit Course to DEO some point before the grade submission deadline.

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November 28, 2018