Instructor Dashboard Features

Top menu bar:
My Courses: A list of courses you are enrolled in
Quick Links: By default, links to the Wiki, Office365, ITS Help Desk, and MAUI. You can add your own quick links under “My Links”.
Student Tools: Links to Course Evaluations (ACE) and TurboVote.

Gold menu bar:
Instructors has the number of course sites for the current semester that you’re enrolled in as an instructor role (instructor-designer or TA role) and will display a list of those sites.
Students has the number of course sites for the current semester that you’re enrolled in as an student or guest student role and will display a list of those sites.
D2L Home links to your D2L homepage within ICON.
Canvas Home links to your Canvas homepage within ICON.

My Courses:
List of all course sites that you are enrolled in for the selected semester. Notice that courses that have not been activated yet say Inactive next to them; students cannot access them.
Course sites that are in the “ongoing” session will also appear here. For each course, you will see a link to the main ICON site, and if there is an associated Wiki site, it will be linked as well.

Ongoing Courses:
You can view your ongoing courses on the Dashboard from any semester you currently have selected. Click on the bar underneath “My Courses” that says “Ongoing Courses” to display them. You can view four courses at a time and navigate page by page.

Instructor Tools:
Displays a dropdown menu with links to do the following:

Support for Instructors:
Links to help documentation for different ICON features.

User Context Menu:
ICON Home: Links to Dashboard landing page.
Help and Support: Takes you to the ICON Help Documentation (where we are now).
Settings: Access “Notifications,” “Preferences,” “Profile,” “Quick Links,” or “Clicker Registration”.
Logout: Log out of ICON and the Dashboard.

This dropdown menu allows you to change which semester session is currently selected.

ICON News:
Varying news items from ITS and the University will be displayed here along with a short description.

This will open a dialog window where you can submit feedback.


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February 9, 2017