• Before you export your grades from ICON to MAUI, you’ll want to review the following steps to ensure your grades are ready to transfer.
  • If you are not using ICON to record your final grades, and wish to import a file to MAUI, see Creating your own CSV file to import to MAUI.


Prepare to export grades from ICON to MAUI

Step 1: Permissions in ICON and MAUI

  • You must be a Teacher or TA in your ICON course and have the rights to save grades in MAUI for your course.
  • If you are not listed as the instructor of record on MAUI, you will not be able to transfer the grades.


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Step 2: Enable grade scheme for course

  • Make sure grade symbols in your grade scheme are acceptable to MAUI, and that the grade scheme is applied to the Course.
  • Grade symbols are the students actual grade (e.g. A, A-, B+, U, S, R, W). To find out what symbols you can use in your course, log into MAUI as though you were entering grades and see what grade symbols are available from the dropdown menu. The symbols you are using in your ICON grade scheme should all be available from this drop list in MAUI. Otherwise, you will need to create and apply a custom grade scheme in ICON that includes only acceptable symbols.
  • Students who are auditing your course will receive either an R (completed) or W (not completed). This is true across the University.
  • To view the grading symbols used in the College of Liberal Arts, go to the Grading System section of the Academic Handbook.

To enable the grade scheme in ICON:

  1. Click Settings (along the left hand side of the page).
  2. Click Course Details (along the top).
    Enable Course Grading Scheme

  3. Check the box next to Enable course grading scheme.
    Enable Course Grading Scheme 2
  4. NOTE: Users MUST click view grading scheme in order to use the University Letter Grade scheme. The checkbox just enables Canvas' default grading scheme which differs from the UI standard which will result in giving students a slightly lower score.
    Change Grade Scheme
  5. The next window will show you the currently selected Grade Scheme. If you have not altered this it will be Canvas' default. To change the grading scheme click Select Another Scheme.
    Change Grade Scheme 2
  6. Choose a grading scheme.
    Change Grade Scheme 3
  7. Click Use This Grading Standard.
    Change Grade Scheme 4
  8. Click Done.
    Change Grade Scheme 5
  9. Click Update Course Details.
    Enable Course Grading Scheme 3


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Need to create your own Grading Scheme?

  1. If you wish to create your own grading scheme, follow steps 1-4 above. In step 5, instead of clicking Select Another Scheme, click manage grading selection.
    Create Grade Scheme 0

  2. Click Add grading scheme.
    Create Grade Scheme 1

  3. Give your grading scheme a name. You can add,remove, rename rows and edit grade ranges.
  4. Click Save. You can edit the grade schemes you created if you realize an error after saving.
    Create Grade Scheme 2

  5. Click Update Course Details.
    Enable Course Grading Scheme 3


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Step 3: Add "Export final grade to MAUI" to your course Navigation Menu

  1. Click Settings (along the left hand side of the page).
  2. Click Navigation (along top).
    Making Export grades to MAUI page active 1

  3. Scroll down until you find Export final grade to MAUI page.
  4. You can either click, hold and drag the Export final grade to MAUI page to the top section (the active links on your course) OR you can click the dropdown arrow next to the gear icon and click Move.
    Making Export grades to MAUI page active 2

  5. Once the Export final grade to MAUI page has been moved to the active pages section click Save.
    Making Export grades to MAUI page active 3

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Step 4: Exporting Grades

You have two options for getting final grades from ICON into MAUI:


Export grades from ICON to MAUI using the ICON/MAUI Integration


  • You are unable to export grades for a zero-credit hour course. Grade exports must be matched to credit-earning course/section.
  • We have had reports that Internet Explorer is not accepting users credentials. Trying the same procedure in Google Chrome and Firefox allowed the user to successfully login.
  1. Verify that you have the correct grades and scheme (review the three steps above).
  2. Click Export final grade to MAUI.
  3. Enter your hawkid and password.
  4. Click Login.
    Export grades to MAUI

  5. You will now be transferred to MAUI
    NOTE: If you encounter the MAUI homepage and not the ICON Grade Import page for this class, please try clicking on "Export final grade to MAUI" again after logging in.
  6. Choose what to Import (Current - ignores ungraded, Final - treats ungraded as zero, Grade book item - choose a column from the gradebook to import).
  7. Click Import.
    Import Grades to Maui

  8. Your grades will be placed in the processing queue.

    Import Grades to Maui 2

    Grades Import with Test Student


To Remove the Test Student from your ICON Grade book:

  1. Click Settings (along the left hand side of the page).
  2. Click Sections (along the top).
  3. Click on your course section.
    Remove Test Student 1

  4. Scroll through the list of enrolled users until you locate the Student, Test and then click the X to remove it.
    NOTE: Accessing Student View at any time creates the Test Student in the gradebook.
    ALSO, if you have multiple sections in your course you will need to remove the Test Student from each section. 
    Remove Test Student 2


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Export grades from ICON to a CSV file, and then import that file to MAUI

  • When using this method to import grades to MAUI from ICON, it is important to be aware of how ICON (Canvas) treats ungraded items. 
  • Instructors can set the gradebook to treat ungraded items as zero, but this only changes your personal view of the gradebook, but does not change the values of the items. See for details on how to change your view of the gradebook to see ungraded items as zero. 
  • When exporting to a csv and importing to MAUI, we recommend entering zeros for ungraded assignments. See for details on how to force your gradebook to have zeros for ungraded assignments. 


Instructions for Exporting ICON Gradebook as a CSV file and then importing into MAUI can be found here.

Instructions for Creating your own CSV file from scratch to import to MAUI can be found here.


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December 20, 2017