What is my default device?  

Your default device should be the one you wish to use most often for Two-Step Logins.  It is always selected on the second step of your login, which is the phone verification step. You choose an authentication method available (which is set at enrollment) for that device type.  If you have only one device enrolled for Duo, it will automatically be your default device.  If you have more than one device enrolled for Duo, which is recommended, the default device will be selected, but appears in a drop-down box that you can use to select another device you have enrolled for that one login. 

Changing your Default Device:

1. Log in to the Two-Step Login enrollment application (https://apps.its.uiowa.edu/uip-tools/two-step) with your HawkID and password, and Click on the enrolled device that you wish to make your default, from the list of enrolled devices.

2. The "Edit Device" window will be presented. 

Screen capture of the edit device screen in Duo Two-Step authentication profile page

3. Click the Make Default button.  

4. Click Save Device. 

Save Device

Note: You can not delete your default device from Duo Enrollment.  If you need to delete your default, you must first make another device your default, and then you can delete the old default.  


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November 8, 2019