Student FAQ: Finding your ICON course

Common reasons:

  • ICON’s overnight enrollment process hasn’t run since you registered for the class in MyUI. Depending on when you added (or dropped) a course, it can take up to six hours for changes in MyUI to be transferred to ICON.
  • The course site is actually inactive (see next section below). It would appear grayed-out at the bottom of the Dashboard.
  • If you did not officially register for the course, then your instructor has not yet enrolled you in the course. This usually applies to non-UI, non-registered, or guest students. Contact your instructor.

For further help, contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357,, or

You are enrolled in the course site as a student, but the instructor has not enabled access for students. The course is grayed out to show you that you are enrolled in the course, but can not access it.

In order to access the inactive course site, your instructor will have to publish the course. Once the course has been published, it will appear in your list of regular ICON courses. Note that some instructors do not choose to use an ICON site for their course, and may leave the course site inactive for students.

You can remind your instructor to activate the course site. Instructions for publishing a course can be found here.

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March 21, 2017