Skype for Business is Microsoft's premiere Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. VoIP systems allow use of your computer and internet connection to place and receive telephone calls. This replaces the location-specific, dedicated telephone devices used today. Skype for Business also provides a complementary suite of tools such as Instant Messaging, Presence, Online Meetings/Conference Calling and Voicemail delivered to your email inbox. By moving telephone services to VoIP the University of Iowa can provide more flexible and resilient communication services. Within the next few years traditional telephones will transition to Skype for Business.

  • The Skype for Business software client will replace your desk telephone
  • Missed calls and voicemail will be delivered to your Office 365 email inbox

VoIP with Skype for Business has been chosen on our campus for cost efficiency, improved resiliency, and modernized features that allow our faculty and students to continue to excel in educational technology.

  • Skype for Business transitions from a capital expense to an operational expense model which allows for more flexible scale
  • The University of Iowa has a robust Internet Protocol (IP) network which is better suited to handle change
  • If desired, individual Faculty, Staff and Students can use Skype for Business to communicate from almost any internet-connected device
  • Features and integration of Skype for Business with Office 365 provide a more synergistic approach to managing connections of your workspace
  • Response groups and multiple-receiving lines for workgroups are available and user friendly through Skype for Business
  • Skype for Business integrates the telephone directory which means no more need to memorize telephone numbers. You can easily search for a University individual by name and call directly from the software client. See this article for more on how to search a contact and make a call.
  • Hands-free telephone use with a computer-based headset. Typing, writing, sorting documents or mouse-clicking are more convenient with two free hands.
  • Scheduling Skype for Business Online Meetings allow remote attendees to join. If you are the remote party, remotely join a Skype for Business meeting.
  • Missed calls and voicemail are delivered to your Office 365 email inbox. Check one location for email, missed calls and voicemails.
  • Calling trees may be set up to organize a department's contacts from a main number.
  • Several modes of communication are available, choose the best option for your need: Instant Messaging, Voice, Video, Meeting, Screen Sharing, Presence or Broadcast
  • Increased personal control. Choose how others can communicate with you.
  • Greater integration with existing Office 365 email and calendar tools.
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August 19, 2020