What is Zoom?

Zoom is a new web conferencing solution for the University of Iowa. Zoom has a plethora of features including integration with ICON (Canvas), hosting online meetings and video conferences, scheduling webinars, questionnaires within meetings, and much more. 

How to log into Zoom and download Zoom Meetings.


  1. Go to uiowa.zoom.us. Click on Sign In.



  1. Enter the hawkid and password in the prompt which will bring you to a page like this.



  1. In order to download Zoom Meetings, we need to attempt to host a meeting. 



  1. A prompt should appear asking you to download Zoom Meetings. Follow the appropriate steps for your operating system. For more instructions on this. Click here.



  1. Congratulations! Zoom Meetings is now ready to be utilized. For more instructions on getting started with Zoom. Click here.


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Last updated: 
April 10, 2017