Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings is the Desktop client for Zoom; the University of Iowa's web conferencing solution. The client gives the ability to schedule and host meetings, and works as an interface to share screens, set up audio/video, and chat with recipients. If you have not yet downloaded Zoom Meetings on your Desktop please click here. We will utilize SSO to log into the Zoom Launcher. Please see How to log into Zoom Meetings below.

How to log into Zoom Meetings

  1. Open Zoom

  1. Click on the Sign In with SSO button

  1. Enter uiowa as a company domain. "uiowa.zoom.us" 

  1. You may be prompted to enter your hawkid and password.
  2. It will then take you to the desktop application. Congratulations! You have now logged into Zoom Meetings. For instructions on using Zoom Meetings click here.

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August 1, 2017