Zoom web conferencing is integrated with ICON. Below are steps to create a Zoom meeting to be used by Teachers in an ICON course site.

How to create a Zoom meeting in your ICON course

1. Navigate to your course in ICON

2. Click on Modules

3. Click +Module to add a new module.

Add a Module

4. Name your new Module.

5. Click Add Module. This module is added in an unpublished state. 

Note: You don't have to create a new module for the Zoom Meeting. You can add a Zoom Meeting to any existing module in your course.

6. Click the Add Item + icon (in-line with the module) to add a new item to the Module.

Add an Item

7. In the "Add" dropdown menu select External Tool. See the image below step 9 for reference.

8. Click Zoom to create a new Zoom meeting. See the image below step 9 for reference.

In the options below do NOT change the URL.  

You may change the Page Name and also choose to load in a new tab or not.

9. Click Add Item when finished.

External Tool - Select Zoom - Add Item

10. Be sure to publish your item and module for your students to see and join the Zoom meeting. 

Publish materials

Starting the Zoom Meeting

Please see the Zoom support materials regarding getting started with Zoom.


Zoom will need to be installed on your computer before opening to run your meeting.

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April 14, 2017