By default, many programs will automatically turn on when Windows starts. Shutting off unnecessary programs that turn on when you boot up the computer can significantly improve performance. Follow the steps below and disable all programs you do not need to start with the computer. If you are unsure of what a program is, please contact us or leave the program enabled. Turning off necessary programs can cause more issues.

Windows updates keep your software up to date and provide the most efficient version of software on your computer. Normally, your computer will do this automatically but if you are experiencing any issue with your computer, we always suggest checking for updates as the first step. Read more about how to run Windows Updates.

Removing unused programs can create more space on our computer and may improve performance. Follow the below steps to successfully remove any programs you no longer are needing. Read more about uninstalling unused programs.

If your computer is running slowly or showing you unfamiliar websites your computer may have a virus or malware. A virus/malware scan can help determine the issue. Read more information on virus/malware scanning and removal.

Clearing your browser's Cache and Cookies can fix login errors when using University services. Follow these steps whenever you start to have issues browsing the internet.

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November 24, 2021