As the university transitions major applications to use Two-Step Login, some will require every user login to be protected with Two-Step login verification, while other applications will offer (and strongly recommend) the added protection for your access and information. This may be utilized as a transitional aid or it may be permanent, depending on the application and the information it handles.

The following applications are currently integrated with Two-Step Login, but must be enabled by you:

  • MyUI  Student Information System
  • ICON  Iowa Courses On-Line (optional for students; required for faculty and staff)

To turn on Two-Step Login for your HawkID on the above systems, you simply toggle the enable switch in your Two-Step Profile:  

  1. Click Manage Two-Step to access your Two-Step Enrollment Profile.  
  2. Login to the Two-Step application with your HawkID and HawkID Password.
  3. Register (enroll) one or more Two-Step Device(s) to your HawkID account if you have not already done so. See Detailed instructions for enrolling devices for more information. 
  4. Click the status button next to each application to toggle "Disabled" (don't use two-step) to "Enabled" (use two-step) to protect your application logins. 
    Enable Two-Step Applications
  5. The Enabled/Disabled column will display the date you made the change. 
  6. Click "Logout (Your-Hawkid)" in the upper left corner to save and exit when you are finished, or close your browser.     

NOTE: Applications displayed in the list that require all logins to be protected with Two-Step will display "Required" in the Enabled/Disabled column, and will not allow changing the Enabled status. 

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November 8, 2019