The university is phasing in Two-Step Login for MyUI and ICON. Once the project is complete, all students will be required to use Two-Step Login whenever logging in to these services.

Two-Step Login is an easy and secure way to keep your personal and academic information safe and private. It keeps unauthorized users from stealing your identity and accessing your accounts with stolen HawkIDs and passwords.

Two-Step Login (powered by Duo Security) is based on the principle of two-factor authentication, a secure-login process you already may use with Google, Facebook, or online banking services. It works like this:

Step one: You enter your HawkID and password

Step two:You use a mobile phone or other device only you possess to complete your login

Nearly 75 percent of UI students have enrolled in Two-Step Login. It’s already required to change bank account information in MyUI and to access other online services.

Starting Dec. 3, 2020, students who’ve enrolled in Two-Step Login will be asked to use it whenever they log in to MyUI. Starting Feb. 4, 2020, they’ll also need to use it with ICON.

After Feb. 4, Two-Step Login requirements will be rolled out to all students. Eventually everyone will need to sign up for the service and use it to access MyUI, ICON, and other services.

To get started, download the free Duo Mobile app from your device’s app store. Next, keep your device handy and go to the Two-Step Login profile site and follow the instructions for adding a device. Watch this video for a step-by-step demo:

Push notifications to the Duo Mobile app are the fastest, easiest way to complete your Two-Step logins (the university offers non-app methods, too). You also can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for your personal accounts (Google, Facebook, etc.).

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November 18, 2019