Starting Feb. 1, 2019, students will need to enable Two-Step Login for MyUI in order to manage bank account setting for automatic payments, refunds, and other transactions. See below for additional information.

Two-Step Login is an easy and secure way to keep your personal academic information safe and private. Use it alongside your HawkID and password when logging into MyUI, ICON and other web-based applications.

Two-Step Login is based on the principle of two-factor authentication, a secure-login process you already may use with Google, Facebook, or other online services. It works like this:

Step one: You enter your HawkID and HawkID password to start the process

Step two: You use a mobile phone or other device in your possession to complete your login

To get started download the free Duo Mobile app from your device’s app store.

Next, keep your device handy and go to the Two-Step Login tools site. Follow the instructions for adding a device.

Once you’ve enrolled your device and before leaving the tools site, make sure to enable Two-Step Login for MyUI and ICON and any other applications you use. Return to the Two-Step site to enroll additional devices or reset your enrollment when you get a new phone.

With Duo Mobile, you can complete Two-Step Login by just tapping to approve. You can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for your personal accounts (Gmail, Facebook, etc.) too.

Two-Step Login for MyUI bank account functions

Starting Feb. 1, 2019, students must enable Two-Step Login for MyUI to manage bank account settings for automatic payments, refunds, and other transactions.

You can use the “remember-me-for-30-days” feature to stay logged in on a trusted device, such as a computer only you use.

Parents and others with guest access to MyUI do not need to enable Two-Step Login. They should access MyUI using their guest credentials only and should not use students’ logins and passwords. 

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January 7, 2019