Below are some resources on academic integrity, plagiarism and Turnitin. To download a PDF of this document, click here.

Interpreting the Similarity Report:

Turnitin Educational Resources:

20 Best Practices for Using Turnitin Feedback Studio

Plagiarism Spectrum, Tagging 10 Types of Unoriginal Work:

From Here to There: Students’ Perceptions on Feedback Goals, Barriers and Effectiveness:

Lesson Plan Ideas: Engage Students & Improve Writing Skills:

Not All Plagiarism is Created Equal, How Instruction Can Protect Institutional Reputation:

Plagiarism by Adult Learners Online: A case study in detection and remediation:

Ethical and Legal Aspects Part 2: Plagiarism—“What Is It and How Do I Avoid It?”

Academic literacy and plagiarism: Conversations with international graduate students and disciplinary professors: 

Understanding “Internet plagiarism”:

Developing a Critical Response, Avoiding Plagiarism among Undergraduate Students:


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June 4, 2018