The Secure Research Remote Desktop Service runs Windows 8.1 made to look like Windows 7. Research data should be stored on a 1.95TB R: drive that has been provisioned specifically for data storage. The drive’s security settings are set to meet security requirements for storing sensitive data. Currently, 230GB have been used and there is no quota for each individual user.


Additional resources can be allocated to users through the following tier options:


Standard Tier

  • 8GB RAM; expandable to 32GB
  • 4vCPU
  • Free/No Cost


High Memory Tier

  • 8GB RAM; expandable to 64GB
  • 8 vCPU
  • $150/month per research group


File-level backups will be taken daily. Specified directories can be excluded from having backups taken if it is necessary to satisfy requirements.


Virtual machine sessions timeout after 12 hours if a session has been disconnected and after 5 days if the session is active but idle, meaning a user is logged in but not running. Active sessions do not have a timeout.


Users of this service will not be able to access the internet as systems are behind a host-based firewall.


After access is granted, users can navigate to in their preferred browser if on campus.  If off-campus, users must first connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to access the Secure Research Remote Desktop host computer via the Microsoft Remote Desktop client. Please refer to the following support pages: Connecting to Secure Research Remote Desktop using Windows & Connecting to Secure Research Remote Desktop using a Mac


Additional software can be found on another type of desktop:


Developer Tier

  • SQL Server 2014 Management Studio plus Data Tools, Visual Studio 2013, Git
  • 2GB RAM; expandable to 16GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU


Additional resources and information can be requested by contacting

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January 10, 2018