MacBride Auditorium is the largest University Classroom at the University of Iowa. The classroom features 2 different operating modes: a single widescreen mode and dual screen standard mode. Additional display devices include document cameras, a multi-region Blu-Ray player, an in-room Windows PC, an in-room Mac, and personal device connections via HDMI and VGA. The room also includes both handheld and lapel wireless microphones. Within the auditorium is a Crestron A/V system.

The Auditorium has a total of 3 screens at the podium.

The computer has two computer screens, one that is widescreen, or 16x9, ratio and one of standard, or 4x3, ratio. The 16x9 monitor is the main computer monitor while the 4x3 monitor is used as a secondary or confidence monitor. The 4x3 monitor will act differently dependent on the mode the AV system is operating in.

The third screen located behind the podium and furthest to the right is the control panel.


If you have any questions or concerns about the room please contact the Classroom Technology Department at or 319-335-1976.

Basic Operation Of The A/V System

When you first interact with the touch screen it may be in a standby mode so you may need to touch and wake it.

To begin a session touch the Welcome screen on the touch panel to bring up the password interface. If you have not used the auditorium and need to know what the session password is please contact Classroom Technology.

It will take roughly 3-5 minutes to initialize the system completely. Please be aware of this in order to prep for any class or event time.

Screen Operating Mode

From the touch panel you will select during the boot-up of your session what operating mode you would like the screens. If you are also using the in-room PC a corresponding mode selection window will be presented once you have logged in.

These are the option for how the projectors are displayed on the projection screen.

  • One widescreen 16x9 display
  • Two 4x3 standard displays

After you have logged into the PC in the room you will be prompted to choose a Dual Screen or Wide Screen setting via a pop-up window. Select the same mode as the touch panel for the operating mode. This allows the best experience for the room. 


Source Selection

Once the touch panel system has loaded, and the screen format is chosen, you may choose the source you wish. 
Keep in mind that if you use a personal machine, you will need to bring your own adapters to use HDMI or VGA if your machine does not have the ports directly available.


In Room Lighting Controls

Using the touch panel, you can control the room lighting under the Lights section on the control panel. Different light levels and scenes are available by selecting the different buttons on the interface. There is also a lighting control interface on the sidewall of the stage. 


Room Audio

Under the System Volume section on the control panel is an overall system volume control. The up and down arrow key buttons will raise and lower the volume. The Mute button will illuminate when active to prevent audio from being passed through the system to the room speakers. 

Individual components such as the in-room Mac, in-room Windows PC, Blu-Ray player, or personal device can also have audio controls. These controls will be on the devices and independent from the room audio control.



The Auditorium features 3 wireless microphones to use within the room. Two handheld microphones and one lapel microphone are stored in the drawer in the podium. The drawer will be locked via a key that is available for checkout via the Registrar Office. To read more about the microphones check out our article Get To Know The Classroom: Wireless Microphones.


Display Mute

If at any point you wish to turn off the screen so the audience doesn't see what you are doing, click on the Display Mute button and this will blank the projector screen while this function is active. While Display Mute is active it will flash green and the original state color.


System Shutdown

When going to end the use of the system at the end of your event/class, please click on the button End Session in the bottom left-hand corner of the touch panel. You will need to confirm the system shutdown. The process will take a few minutes to complete and will be back to the Welcome screen once finished. 


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September 17, 2021