What is the ICON Grade Change Digest tool?

The ICON Grade Change Digest tool helps alert instructors to cases when grades are changed in their registrar-affiliated course.  Instructors can access the tool by logging in to the ICON Dashboard at https://icon.uiowa.edu and clicking on the notification next to their course. 

ICON Grade Change Digest notification

A few other notes about how this tool works: 

  • The number of grade changes displayed on the Dashboard is updated every two hours. 
  • The page that shows grade changes by date contains real-time data.
  • The Grade Change Digest tool is only available for the previous, current, and next semester.
  • The Grade Change Digest tool is not available for Ongoing courses. 

How do I use the Grade Change Digest?

After clicking on the notification, a page summarizing grade changes by day is displayed.  Clicking ICON Gradebook History at the top of the page will take you to the Gradebook history in Canvas.  Visit https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-13024-415295585 for more details on using the gradebook history tool.   

The words "GRADES CHANGED" will be displayed next to the date if grades were changed on that date.  Click the downward facing arrow to review the list of changes. 

Grade Digest tool log
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January 26, 2018