Getting Started with the ICON Direct eReader


Digital content delivered through the ICON Direct program can be either an eText or an online learning platform.  If the content selected by the instructor is an eText, it will be delivered through the Unizin Engage eReader. 


Key Features of the Engage eReader 

NOTE: The Unizin Engage reader works best online, in Firefox or Chrome.

In Engage, instructors may:
•    Organize content 
•    Highlight passages that are shared to the entire course.
•    Interact with students through their online learning material
•    View student reading analytics

In Engage, students may:
•    Highlight & take notes on text passages
•    View instructor notes and highlights
•    Post/Answer questions
•    Print up to 50 pages at a time
•    Access texts on up to 5 devices, including mobile phones
•    View texts offline

Accessing Engage

You will find a link to Unizin Engage in your ICON Course Site. 
Click that link and you will see a list of your courses using the Engage eReader and the materials that are available for each course. 
Click the material you want to open and start reading.


Reading in Engage

When you open a textbook or other reading material, most of your tools appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Engage eReader toolbar




Use these steps to add highlights and take notes on a passage in the text: 

1.    Go to the page in the materials where you want to take notes.
2.    Click and drag your mouse to highlight the text. 
3.    To create only a highlight with no note, stop here. 

Highlights without notes appear on the text, but do not appear on the Notes Summary view. 
To add a note to the highlight, continue to the next step.

4.    Click the highlight. A window appears where you can choose to do any of the following:

o    Change the color label.
o    Type a note in the text field.
o    Enter tags (separate multiple tags with commas) to categorize the note. 

5.    Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the note window.


You can always click the highlight in the text to see the note that you wrote on it, but you can also see all of the notes for the book in one place. Click the View all notes option on the “...” menu to see all the notes for that material. The Notes screen is very powerful. You can see your own notes, your instructor's notes, and your classmates' notes, if they shared them with you. You can also filter notes based on the tags and print or export the notes. NOTE: highlights alone will not appear on this page.


1.    Go to the page in the materials where you have a highlight or note.
2.    Click the highlight.
3.    Click the Delete icon in the bottom right corner of the Note window.


Engage includes offline features. These features let you read your course material when you do not have internet access, whether over only a brief moment of lost connectivity or an extended time off-line. In the upper right corner of the home page, click the circle with your initials/photo.  Then click the Applications button. Follow the directions for the offline version you wish to use.

Unizin Engage Offline: You do not need to download a plugin or otherwise turn on the offline features, but you must use a browser that supports the underlying technology such as the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Engage offline is "read-only." You will be able to see notes and highlights you and your instructors have created. However, you will not be able to create new annotations when offline.

Unizin Read: With this application, you can download core course materials to your phone or tablet devices for offline reading. You will not be able to create highlights, notes and questions with Unizin Read.


Some instructors encourage their students to use Engage to ask them questions. Other instructors prefer to answer questions other ways. Check with your instructor before using the steps below.
When you are reading, highlight the text you want to ask a question about. Click the highlight, enter your question, and check the "Would you like to post this as a question?" box. Click the X to close the window.
The question will appear in your instructor's Engage account. When the instructor answers the question, you will see the response within the material.


Your instructor cannot watch you in real-time, but your instructor can get a report to see which pages you have accessed. Your instructor can also see your notes, depending on how you set the sharing permissions. Click the “...” menu on a course material to set the sharing permissions. Keep in mind that your instructor can still see any notes where you click the "Would you like to post this as a question?" box, even if you set the sharing permissions to not allow instructor access to your notes.


In the upper right corner of the home page, click the circle with your initials/photo.  Then click the Help button. Click the Students icon to view the help menu.

You can also contact the ITS Help Desk with any questions you might have.


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May 11, 2018