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Instructors and Departmental Administrators may place an order for ICON Direct materials for upcoming academic terms by logging into the ICON Direct Order Tool.

Courses and Instructor information in the Order Tool interface come from MAUI.  A course must be in the "approved" state in MAUI before it will display in the Order Tool.

Instructions and online help are available at the Order Tool Knowledge Base, or you can contact Annette Beck at annette-beck@uiowa.edu or Vicky Maloy at victoria-maloy@uiowa.edu.

Types of materials that are available in the ICON Direct Order Tool include eTexts and other publisher supplied materials such as online learning platforms. If you are unable to find the course materials you are looking for, the link to "Add a Content Request" will allow you to enter information about the book you are looking for.  You will be notified if the publisher of the book is participating with Unizin to provide inclusive access content, or not.

Materials selected through the ICON Direct Order Tool will be listed as required material for all students enrolled in the course.  Selection of any inclusive access materials should be made with the understanding that they are essential for student success in the course.

Begin your selection by clicking this link.



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October 5, 2018