Memorandum of Understanding


This MOU is between ITS and ________________.  It will detail the responsibilities between ITS and the co-managed virtual machine administrator.


ITS Responsibilities

  • Provide shared root/administrator to customer
  • Install monthly OS security patches at agreed upon time
  • OS monitoring and alerting
  • Accounts
    • Linux: Create local accounts tied to AD accounts

    • Windows:  Create accounts/AD security groups as required

  • File system administration and management (grow/shrink)
  • Virtual machine backups.  Restore system to available storage system snapshot.
  • File level backup and restores (Linux only)
  • Host based and Data Center firewall configuration
  • SSL cert renewal and management

Co-managed customer responsibilities

  • Create and maintain service/local accounts (not in Active Directory)
  • Application installation, configuration, troubleshooting and patching
    • Review software licenses using the technology review process
      • Linux: including packages from software collections or 3rd party repos
      • Windows: package installation for 3 party/vendor sites
  • Application monitoring
  • Database backups, administration, configuration and patching.
  • Agree not to store Level III data or perform PCI (credit card or financial transactions) on virtual machine


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February 5, 2019