Memorandum of Understanding


This MOU is between ITS and ________________.  It will detail the responsibilities between ITS and the co-managed virtual machine administrator/customer.


ITS Responsibilities

  • Provide shared root/administrator to customer
  • Install monthly OS security patches at agreed upon time
  • OS monitoring and alerting (click here for details)
  • Accounts
    • Linux: Create local accounts tied to AD accounts

    • Windows:  Create accounts/AD security groups as required

  • File system administration and management (grow/shrink)
  • Virtual machine backups.  Restore system to available storage system snapshot.
  • File level backup and restores (Linux only)
  • Firewall configuration
    • Linux: Manage the host based firewall with customer provided rules

    • Windows: Manage the GPO to control the host based firewall settings with customer provided rules

  • SSL cert renewal and management

Co-managed customer responsibilities

  • Create and maintain service/local accounts (not in Active Directory)
  • Firewall configuration
    • Provide a discrete list of firewall rules needed. Format of source, protocol, destination, port is preferred.  Submit to ISPO here and to your SST primary admin for addition to host based firewall, as needed.

  • Application installation, configuration, troubleshooting and patching
    • Review software licenses using the technology review process
      • Linux: including packages from software collections or 3rd party repos
      • Windows: package installation for 3 party/vendor sites
  • Application monitoring
  • Database backups, administration, configuration and patching.
  • Agree not to store Level III data or perform PCI (credit card or financial transactions) on virtual machine


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September 25, 2019