We recommend uninstalling the Zoom Plug-in and instead use the Zoom Outlook Add-In that has been installed automatically for you.

To remove the plug-in:

  1. Choose File | Manage Add-Ins
  2. Your browser window will open and the "Add-In for Outlook" window appears.
  3. Click My Add-ins
  4. Find the Zoom for Outlook add-in and click the ... (three dots)
  5. Select Remove
  6. Click the X in upper right corner to close window. 


The Zoom Add-in is available for the Outlook desktop client on Windows and Mac.  For more information on the Zoom Add-in, see Zoom for Outlook add-in (web and desktop)


Outlook Windows

  1. Choose File | Manage Add-ins.  A browser window will open.
  2. Click the + icon and choose Add from the Office Store
  3. Search Zoom and click Get it Now

   To use the add-in, create a new meeting and click the "+ Add a Zoom Meeting" icon


Outlook Mac

  1. Open this page - https://zoom.us/download
  2. Under the “Microsoft Outlook Add-In” section – click Download Zoom Plugin (Version 5.2.43985.0814 for Microsoft Outlook) - Note:  DO NOT click the Add Zoom icon - you will get an error
  3. Click the Downloads icon and open the ZoomzmsvzouylookPlugin.pkg
  4. Click Continue
  5. Click Continue
  6. Click Install
  7. On the prompt for permission to install screen, type your password and click Install Software
  8. On the Outlook Plugin Agent prompt, click OK
  9. On the Installation successful prompt, click Close

   To use the add-in, create a new meeting and click the "+ Add a Zoom Meeting" icon

Getting Started with the Microsoft Outlook Plugin and Add-In

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January 28, 2022