Many Healthcare staff have two identities (Healthcare and HawkID) populated in Office 365 which, unfortunately, can impact setting SharePoint user permissions and/or file sharing. Healthcare IDs are not licensed for Office 365 and SharePoint Online and should not be given permissions to sites/files; only UIHC staff HawkIDs should be given permissions.

To set permissions for Healthcare staff, it is recommended to use the Advanced permissions settings (Gear/settings button > Site permissions > scroll down and click Advanced permissions settings)

When adding permissions for Healthcare staff, enter last-name, first and you will typically see two names/ID’s that can be selected for the Healthcare user.  One ID is their Healthcare ID and the other is their HawkID.  Only use the HawkID for permissions, which, when you hover over the names, will appear as “Tenant”. Healthcare ID’s, for example, will show as “”.

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March 1, 2022