On June 7, 2022 Qualtrics migrated our brand from the Contacts platform to their new XM Directory interface.  Users previously using the Contacts feature in Qualtrics to create mailing lists and distribute survey invitations will now access these features using the Directories tab. The following support article will provide you some additional information about the migration, new features, and how to access XM Directory in Qualtrics.

What is XM Directory?
The XM Directory interface allows you to create and update contact information in a central database and send surveys directly to mailing lists, samples, or segments. Previously, users created mailing lists and distributed survey invitations using the Contacts interface in Qualtrics.  XM Directory will replace the Contacts interface.

How do I access XM Directory?
To access XM Directory, please see this Qualtrics Support article.

What are the differences between Contacts and XM Directory? 
The Contacts interface and XM Directory interface have similar functionality with a few small differences.  This Qualtrics support article illustrates the changes you can expect.

Where can I find more information about XM Directory?
This Qualtrics support article provides more detail about XM Directory, as well as how to get started using XM Directory, definitions explaining the most commonly used terms in XM Directory, and FAQs.

How do I create and send survey invitations using XM Directory?
Instructions for setting up and distributing survey invitations in XM Directory can be found in this Qualtrics support article

Who do I contact for help with XM Directory?
Please see this ITS support article for information about obtaining assistance with XM Directory and/or any other Qualtrics features.



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June 7, 2022