When you have a non-service impacting need for any of your services, please submit a service ticket to let the SAS Sysadmins know what you need.

Submission Process

To submit a Service Request (SR) to the SAS Sysadmin team, click on this link to take you directly to the Enterprise Support Center (ESC) where you will need to login with your HawkID to complete your request:  https://service.uiowa.edu/CherwellPortal/ESCPortal/One-Step/AppHosting

Once your SR is submitted, SAS Sysadmins will be notified and will begin the process to complete your request. If you have an urgent need, please follow our incident steps for a Service Outage here: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/121596

Examples of Service Requests (SRs) to submit via ESC/Cherwell

  • Security and/or Resource Adjustments: I need to have something changed on my system. Things are working, but I'd like to get this change done
    •  Someone needs access
    •  Need more disk space
    •  Wants more RAM
    • Additional CPU(s)
    •  NT Service control
  •  Disruption of Service Inquiry: We had a problem but things are OK now. Can you tell me what might have happened?
    •  Had a performance issue
    •  Couldn't connect to…
  •  System Planning and Maintenance: We are thinking about installing/upgrading/changing our application and I'd like to discuss it with you
    •  The vendor wants to…
    •  The developers need to…
    •  I need to schedule a time to do…. on our system
    •  Additional coordination about an upcoming EI/SAS change

Screenshot of the Service Request (SR) form to complete on the Enterprise Support Center Portal

Screenshot of Service Request form for SAS Support
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March 30, 2023