New software updates for your computer are offered through the App Store. It is important to regularly update your operating system and various software.

To access the updates, you first have to:

  1. Open up the Mac App Store which can be found in launch pad and in your Applications folder
  2. Click on Updates on the top navigation bar
  3. To upgrade your operating system on eligible Macs, click on the macOS Catalina banner
  4. Click on the Download button (see below image)
    • This process can take a couple of hours to complete. Make sure your computer is plugged in and has a reliable internet connection while doing so
  5. To update any additional software installed on your Mac, it is best practice to use the "UPDATE ALL" button which will install all available updates onto your computer

Image showing Download button in App Store to download macOS Catalina

This will proceed to update your software and may take several minutes. Usually, a restart of your computer will occur with major updates.

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Last updated: 
May 8, 2020