Creating User Accounts

1.  To create and edit user accounts, first go to the System Preferences from the Dock or from the Apple Menu.

2.  Next click the Users and Groups icon.

3.  This will bring you to the Users and Groups screen.  

Users and Groups

4. If this window is locked, click the lock icon in the lower-left corner and type in the administrator password. 

5. Click on the plus sign at the bottom left side of the window and you will be prompted to add a new account. 

6.  Once you've filled in the name and password and the optional hint you can go to the security screen.  This screen allows you to set up the preferences for this account.  If you would like to make this account an administrator account or if you would like to have the files for this user encrypted this is the screen you would add those options.

7.  Next step is if you want to put limitations on that account. This screen lets you set the account to have no limits, some specific limits, or reduce their options when using Finder.

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May 23, 2017