Use your University of Iowa standard e-mail address when sending professional correspondence

  • Everyone at the University is assigned a standard e-mail address of firstname-lastname
  • Your University standard e-mail address is a pointer to your real e-mail account, sometimes referred to as your routing address.  For many university faculty, staff and students their routing address is in the form of jdoe  Others set their routing e-mail address to be an existing (AOL, Hotmail, GMail, etc.) account.  When e-mail is send to your University standard e-mail address, (jane-doe, it is automatically sent to the routing address you have specified.
  • This address should be used for all professional correspondence and for university related publications.
  • The main advantage is that your published University standard e-mail address will rarely change, which allows you to change your real e-mail account as often as you need to.  You can give out your assigned University standard e-mail address to others and never have to tell anyone to change their address book if you change your real e-mail account.
  • Students should use this address when sending e-mail to their professors.
  • Do not use your UI address or e-mail account for political or personal business (Operations Manual 19.4g)

Be aware - there are risks to using a non-UI e-mail account for University-related correspondence.

  • Your return address may not be professional and may confuse or irritate your professors or colleagues.
  • The University can not guarantee delivery of required correspondence.
  • Every student is required to register an e-mail address with the University of Iowa in order to remain enrolled. Official correspondence from the University may be sent to students by
  • All faculty, students and staff individuals are required to provide an accurate, current destination e-mail address for University-related academic and administrative transactions, unless exemption from so doing is allowable by law or business necessity.

Protect your computer from viruses and spyware.

Reduce the amount of spam you receive.

  • Students can limit the amount of bulk e-mail received from UI organizations by logging into MyUI and going to My UIowa > My Email > Email Account Filter.
  • You can set filters or rules in your e-mail client.
  • Do not publish your e-mail address on web sites because it can be harvested by spammers.

Make your e-mail more effective with e-etiquette.

  • Keep the subject line brief and relevant.
  • When sending an attachment 1) attach it! 2) write the message 3) add the subject and 4) add the recipients.
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May 12, 2017