The most important thing to know before you begin formatting your document is how to properly attach the UI Thesis Template to your thesis documents.  A common mistake is opening the “UI Thesis” file and typing directly within the document (or copying text from an existing document and pasting it into the template).  You should never need to open the “UI Thesis” file for any reason – doing so can result in the template not functioning properly, and increases the risk for corrupt files (in other words, you run the risk of experiencing a formatting nightmare).   Instead, you will attach the template to your new or existing documents by following the instructions below. 

Please make sure you have downloaded and extracted the UI Thesis file before continuing below. 

  1. Create a New Folder called Thesis to store your new or existing thesis documents and the UI Thesis Template.
    Please note:  Your template will always be available to you when it is located in the same folder as your thesis documents.  When working on multiple computers, make sure you copy the entire Thesis folder between computers.
  2. Copy the UI Thesis file into the new Thesis folder.
    Please note: Disregard the “UI Thesis.doc” document – this is being phased out and is no longer applicable.
  3. Launch Microsoft Word 2007.
  4. If you have thesis documents that you have already created, open your thesis document now.  Otherwise, create a new Word document.
  5. Click the Office Button and select Word Options.
  6. From the Word Options dialog box, click Add-Ins.
  7. From the Add-Ins portion of the dialog box, find the Manage: drop-down list.  Select Templates from the list and click the Go button.

  8. In the Templates and Add-ins dialog box, click the Attach button to navigate to the Thesis folder. Select the UI Thesis file, and click the Open button to return to the Templates and Add-ins dialog box.
  9. Place a check in the check box next to Automatically update document styles.

  10. Click OK to attach the template and return to your document.  You should now see the list of styles available on the Add-ins tab.
    Please note:  If a Warning dialog box appears concerning Macros, click Enable Macros to continue.  Alternatively, if you receive an error about macros being disabled, see the Macro Security Settings section below.
  11. Save your document to the Thesis folder.
    Please note:  If you have already created multiple thesis documents, you will need to follow steps 5 – 11 for each document.

As long as you copy your entire Thesis folder between computers, your template will stay attached and you will be able to access the thesis styles each time you open the document.  You are now ready to begin applying styles and formatting your documents.  For information pertaining to the styles contained in the UI Thesis Template, please refer to the Definition of styles used within the UI Thesis Template section of this document.

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May 19, 2016