ITS Network Services and Windows Support Group recommend turning off tunneling on Windows 7 workstations.  There are 2 options for doing this:

  1. Perform a registry edit described here:

  2. The ITS ECM group has written a GPO to do this for you.  To access this GPO, open up Group Policy Management, Group Policy Objects.  There is a GPO called: _Public-IPv6 Enable With No Tunneling.  Right click on this template and copy.  Go to Group Policy Objects and paste it in.  It will create a "copy of _Public-IPv6 Enable with No Tunneling".  Rename this copy following your departmental/college naming standards (e.g. ITS-IPv6-NoTunnel).  Next, you should select the Delegation tab and add your OU Admin group for Read and Edit properties for future editing.  The GPO should now be ready for you to use on your own OU.
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September 10, 2012