Once the host computer is configured for Remote Desktop and you know the name of the host computer, you can connect to it from a remote machine.  (To find the Full computer name on the host computer, click Start | Control Panel | System.  The Full computer name is listed on the information page.  For example, abc-xy-123.iowa.uiowa.edu.)  

Note: The host computer must be turned on and connected to the network or Internet in order to connect to it using Remote Desktop.  If your computer is on the Iowa Active Directory domain, you can use the PowerUp service through DIY to save energy and turn off your computer, then turn your computer remotely when you need to access it.

Connect to a UI Computer using the UI Anywhere web VPN Remote Desktop option

Note: The Remote Desktop option of the UI Anywhere web VPN is only available for Windows computers using the Internet Explorer web browser.  You may need adminstrative rights on the computer to use the Remote Desktop option of the VPN.  In addition, Internet Explorer users must add uiowa.edu to the compatibility sites and you must browse to vpn.uiowa.edu in Internet Explorer compatibility view.

Mac users trying to remote in to a Windows Vista or 7 computer must download, install, and run the AnyConnect VPN client and connect using the Remote Desktop client.

To add uiowa.edu to the compatibility sites in Internet Exporer:

  1. Click Tools > Compatibility View Settings
  2. Enter uiowa.edu in the Add this website field, then click Add and Close.
  3. Click Tools again and make sure there is a check mark next to Compatibilty View when browsing to vpn.uiowa.edu. 

To connect to Remote Desktop via the web-VPN using the Internet Explorer browser:

  1. Choose the rdp:// option next to the Address field.
  2. Type in the full name of your computer in the Address bar.  Sample computer name: abc-xy-012.iowa.uiowa.edu
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February 22, 2017