The Office 2010 release of Access offers some improvements that make the application more usable. Here are some of the new features.

Share a Database on the Web
Access 2010 provides SharePoint Business Connectivity Services Support. It includes web services and line-of-business applications data. You can build right into the applications with Microsoft Access 2010. To publish your database to the web:
      1) Click on the File menu on the ribbon
      2) Select the Save & Publish option
      3) Then select Publish to Access Services under the Publish menu

The revised Macro Designer makes it easier to use logic in your database to develop powerful data-driven applications. They function more like SQL triggers, and can be launched conditionally based on actions taken within the database. This not only improves performance, but also can improve the user experience by allowing tasks to be automated.

New Database Templates
Access 2010 includes a suite of professionally designed database templates for tracking contacts, tasks, events, students, and assets, among other types of data. You can use them right away or enhance and refine them to track information exactly the way that you want.

Access 2010 allows conditional formatting within reports, showing the information that meets a certain condition or set of conditions. To edit the conditional formatting within reports:
      1) Open the report, and choose the Format tab on the Ribbon
      2) Then, select the Conditional Formatting option
      3) The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager lists the rules will be displayed
      4)  Just choose the field for which you want to add/remove/modify formatting rules

Data Type Gallery 
Access 2010 changes the way that fields are added to the database by using a better list of fields to insert. The Data Type gallery replaces the Add Field task pane and contains all of the common field types for use in a database. In addition to the data types already available in the database, you can add your own to the list.

For a complete list of new features please visit the Microsoft Website: New Features in Access 2010

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September 10, 2012