Every table/figure must bear a caption that consists of a number preceded by the word "Table" or "Figure" and followed by a descriptive title. Captions must be typed in the same Font size and style as used throughout the thesis text, although a figure/table itself (referred to by the Graduate College as "the figure/table proper) may be produced in a font type and or font size different from the default font of the thesis.

In the List of Tables/List of Figures, ALL table/figure numbers and captions are to be listed exactly as they appear in the text of the thesis with respect to wording, capitalization, and punctuation. However, reference numbers appearing with captions in the text are not carried to the List of Tables/Figures. Captions are listed in their entirety, except that if the caption is lengthy it may be truncated to the first common point of punctuation (comma, semicolon, colon, period) for entry in the list. The practice chosen MUST be followed consistently for all tables and for all figures.

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September 10, 2012