This article applies to Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010 for Windows and Word 2004 and 2008 for Macintosh.

The entire Thesis is to be single and double spacing - a 2 to 1 ratio.

  • Take a page of text that is double spaced and contains at least one footnote, superscript or subscript on the second line or lower. Print it.
  • Highlight the text of that page and change the formatting to single spaced
    Find a page with a large/multiple line quote (you will want at least 6-10 lines of single space - more is better). Print the single spaced text.
  • Put the single spaced page behind the double spaced page and hold them up to a light so you can see the lines on both of them.
  • Line up the text of the first line of both pages so the letters are exactly on top of each other.
  • Each line of double space should be directly above and in line with a line of single space.
  • There should be a complete single spaced line between each double spaced line.
  • Make sure this is true for the lines before and after the spot where the footnote, superscript or subscript is on both sheets.

To fix this in MS Word you need to modify the paragraph formatting.

  • Choose Format, Select Paragraph (In Word 2007 click the Paragraph grouping Dialog Box Launcher to get to the settings).
  • Set the Line Spacing for paragraphs that should be double spaced to Exactly at 24 pt and the Line Spacing for paragraphs that should be single spaced to Exactly at 12 pt. Click OK.

NOTE: This will need to be done to each paragraph in your document.

NOTE: The UI Thesis Template for Word contains built-in Styles which have already incorporated the Exactly 12 pt and Exactly 24 pt spacing.

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November 7, 2012