The titles in the Table of Contents must match those in text.

Be sure that the division titles in the Table of Contents and the text of the title in the body of your thesis are exactly alike in capitalization, punctuation, and wording.

Be consistent in the use of upper and lowercase in your subheads also.

For example, the following would not be consistent:

  • This Is A Subhead With All Words Beginning With A Capital Letter
  • This is a Subhead with the Major Words Beginning with a Capital Letter
  • This is a subhead with only the first word beginning with a capital letter

**Choose one style and stick with it. All like-level subheadings must be done in the same style.
**Major Divisions/Heading 1 - MUST be in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

NOTE: None of the Subheadings may be in all capitals.

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September 10, 2012