1. Select the View tab on the ribbon menu and select Draft (or Normal) under the Document Views menu
  2. While in the Draft view, go to the References tab on the ribbon and select Show Notes under the Footnotes section
  3. The document will split into 2 frames and in the Footnotes dropdown box select Footnote Separator or Footnote Continuation Separator, whichever one pertains to your document
  4. Place your cursor in front of the separator line and go to the Home tab
  5. Open the Paragraph dialog box launcher by clicking in the lower right hand corner of the Paragraph section
  6. In the Indentation section of the dialog box, click the Special: drop down menu and make sure None is selected
  7. To return back to Print Layout View go back to the View tab and select Print Layout from the Document Views section
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May 19, 2016