Microsoft removed the functionality of all macros in Word 2008 (for the Macintosh).

The UI Thesis Template contains customized macros used to create the required Graduate College Preliminary Pages document.  Although the toolbar buttons, used to create these pages, still exist in the template, they have lost their functionality (in Word 2008 only).  To assist you, we've created a Preliminary Pages document, and instructions for its use, for you to download and edit as necessary.  This file can only be used in conjunction with the UI Thesis Template.

Please download both files below.

Preliminary Pages Files:
Instructions for Word 2008 Preliminary Pages (Save to the same folder containing the UI Thesis Template)
Preliminary Pages for Word 2008 (Save to the same folder containing the UI Thesis Template)

NOTE:  It is important that you view the instructions for this document before proceeding.  Additionally, these files should be saved in the same folder that contains the UI Thesis file.  Keep all files in the same folder.  The use of subfolders will not work.

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May 19, 2016