Respondus Lock down Browser is an application integrated into ICON which an instructor can require to be used when completing a quiz or test.

If the quiz you are attempting to take requires The Respondus Lockdown Browser, it will say so in the title of the Quiz and will not allow you to start the quiz from any other browser.  Download the latest version of the Lockdown browser from the Respondus website.

Respondus needs to be installed on your computer (It is already installed on all ITC computers.).  After installation there will be a Respondus Lockdown Browser icon on your desktop.  Double-click to open this browser.  You may receive a message requiring you to close certain programs that you may have open as these programs are not allowed to be open during the quiz.  If you do not close these programs, the quiz will not start.  After opening the Respondus Lockdown Browser and closing any programs indicated, navigate to the ICON course, and now when you go in to the quiz, the Start Quiz button will be available and the quiz will run.

Once a quiz is started, you will not be able to close the Respondus Lockdown Browser until that quiz has been submitted.

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September 29, 2017