Note: Spirion licensing has been discontinued, and the application and support site is being phased out. As of March 2021, no new updates are available to the Spirion application.

In order to scan your computer, you must first download and install the software on your computer. If you have not done that, click here for instructions.

The UI customized version of the Spirion software is configured to scan local drives for specific types of information. ITS recommends the customized version and the instructions below are for the customized version of the software. For information about the scanning options using the un-customized version of the software, see the Spirion documentation at

To scan your computer using Spirion:

  1. Go to the Start menu and choose Spirion from the Programs list.  If prompted to create or enter a Profile password, click Skip.  (See article 1950 for more information about Spirion profiles.)  

  2. On the Main tab, click the Start button.

The Spirion scan will search for sensitive personal information, including social security numbers and credit card numbers. For information on what to do with the results of a scan, click here.

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August 5, 2021