Identity Finder is available for download and installation on the Windows operating system. Mac users or users who cannot download and install Identity Finder due to administrative permissions or other reasons can use Identity Finder through Virtual Desktop.

Note: Identity Finder through Virtual Desktop does not have Outlook search capability.

To scan your computer using Identity Finder on Virtual Desktop:

  1. On the computer you want to scan, open a web browser and go to

  2. Log in with your Hawk ID and password.

  3. Double-click the Identity Finder application.

  4. Allow the application full access to the local files on your computer. 

yellow box around Read & Write button

Note: If you previously restricted access to your local files in Virtual Desktop, you can remove that preference and prompt it to ask you again by following these instructions:

  • After the program opens, go system tray in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Right click on Citrix Receiver, and click About.
  • When the "About Citrix Receiver" window opens, click on the Advanced drop down arrow, then click on "Connection Center"
  • When the Connection Center window opens, there should be an area on the right side titled "Session Security".  Change the "Files:" drop down to Full Access.  Click close.
  1. You may be asked to create a new profile if you have never used Identity Finder via Citrix before or are starting a new profile for Identity Finder.

    yellow box around enter password and confirm password boxes

  2. Once the Identity Finder application has started, choose the Locations tab and click the Custom Folders button.

    select "locations" from the ribbon and then custom folders

  3. On the Identity Finder Personal Information File window, choose Customer Folder List and click the "..." button next to the Add button.

    Add one or more folders to your list!

  4. Choose the C$ on Client drive (typically the V: drive or Y: drive) and click OK. Click Add to add it to the list of drives to search. You will only be able to add one folder at a time, but you can also select your personal network storage drive (H: drive) and add it to the search locations.

    please select a folder to search

  5. Once you have defined the search drive/folder locations, click OK, then click the Main tab.

  6. To begin the search, click the Start button.

The Identity Finder scan will search for sensitive personal information, including social security numbers and credit card numbers. For information on what to do with the results of a scan, click here.

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February 10, 2017