You can edit e-mail messages you have sent and received to:

  • Delete Social Security Numbers or other sensitive information from messages you have sent or received.
  • Delete attachments you have sent or received that contain Social Security Numbers or other sensitive information.
  • Delete attachments to free up space on the e-mail server or on your h:\ drive.

To edit e-mail messages:

  1. Open the message by double clicking it or opening it from Spirion.

  2. Click on Other Actions in the Actions group.

  3. Click on Edit Message. You will be able to edit the message and delete the SSN or other sensitive information. When you close the message, click Yes to save your changes.

  4. If the message contains an attachment that you need to remove, right click on the attachment and select Remove. Save your changes when you close the message. This will remove and delete the attachment.

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Last updated: 
January 5, 2018