Connecting to the UI Data Warehouse via Oracle ODBC requires you to authenticate with your HawkID and password.  While Oracle accepts passwords with some special characters, it does not accept all special characters.  For example, one limitation of Oracle is that passwords cannot include the quotation mark special character (") as it is a delimiter in the Oracle system.  

If you are unable to connect to the UI Data Warehouse using Oracle ODBC and your HawkID password includes special characters that are NOT in the following list, you will need to change your password to not include that character.  In addition, after changing your HawkID password, log in to HRIS ( to "sync" your HawkID with Oracle before attempting to access the Date Warehouse via Oracle ODBC.

Special Characters Accepted by Oracle:

! # % * + - : ; > ? _ ( ) ~ ^ { } | [ ] \ . 


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May 19, 2016