Note: This article is intended for Windows machines that are already configured for UI Wireless access.  If you are configuring a laptop for UI Wireless Access for the first time, see article 655.  

In addition, this article assumes the AddTrust External CA Root certificate is already installed on your laptop. Most Windows laptops that are updated regularly will have already obtained the AddTrust External CA Root certificate through Windows Updates. If you do not see the AddTrust External CA Root certificate (step 4 for 7/Vista), run all Windows Updates on your computer.

Alternatively, see article 2029 for information on manually downloading and installing the root certificate on your Windows laptop.

Configurating AddTrust External CA Root on your Windows 

  1. Click on the wireless reception bars in the lower right corner of the Windows task bar and select Open Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Select Manage Wireless Networks and double-click on the UI-Wireless-WPA2 profile.Manage Wireless Networks. Double-click on UI-Wireless-WPA2
  3. Click the Security tab and then the Settings button next to the authentication method drop-down list.
    Security tab. Settings and OK button - Highlighted
  4. On the Protected EAP Properties window, check the AddTrust External CA Root selection.
    Protected EAP Properties window. AddTrust External CA Root box checkmarked.
  5. Click OK and your Windows laptop is now prepared for the UI Wireless certificate change.
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June 20, 2016