Are you on campus and need to access Files@Iowa on your personal Mac?

This page contains directions on how to access Files@Iowa while on campus, on a Non-domain Mac (non-domain means you do not use your Hawk ID to log in to the computer). (How to check if your Mac is in the Iowa domain.). You may connect to your Home and Shared drives through the Finder. Applies to Apple OSX version 10.6 and newer.  Please refer to before following the directions below.

Connecting to Home and Shared Drives Through the Finder

NOTE: You can manually connect to your Home and Shared drives and then drag the folder to your dock for easy access to your files. The next time you access the network, you can click on the folder in the dock and authenticate to access your files.

  1. Under the Go menu select Connect to Server.

  2. When the server connection box comes up, type in the name of the server you are trying to access using the smb protocol and click on Connect.
    • To connect to your personal network storage space (Home), enter smb:// (replace "hawkid" with your own Hawk ID).
    • To connect to your work files (Shared), enter smb:// or cifs:// (replace "deptname" with your department name on the file system; if you do not know this name, please contact your local IT support staff or the ITS Help Desk).

  3. For example, here someone has connected to the ITS shared folder. Drag the "ITS" icon from the Finder to the "Stacks" area on the dock (to the right of the dashed line) for easy access while you're using your Mac.
    red arrow pointing to folder in doc

  4. Next time you log in to your computer, you can click on the folder in the dock to access your files. (You may still need to authenticate if you are not logged in to the AnyConnect client.)

If you have any questions please contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-HELP (4357) or

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    May 2, 2017