Below are instructions for connecting your computer to the cable modem to access the high-speed network in University Apartments.

Cable Modem Connections

To connect your computer to the cable modem, you will need an Ethernet adapter installed in your computer. (Most computers come with an adapter installed.) You will also need a 10BaseT Ethernet drop cable (also known as a network cable). One is provided with the cable modem. If you need a longer cable than what is provided, they are commonly available at most consumer electronics stores. (Note: splitters or other connection devices should never be used to connect two or more Ethernet cables.) You can also move the cable modem closer to your computer; however you will need a longer RG-6 coax cable between the existing splitter and the cable modem to do this. Longer coax cables are also available at consumer electronics store.

The diagram below represents the supported cable modem service and connections. 

Before calling Mediacom or the ITS Help Desk, remove any other devices you have installed (such as as a wireless router) and reconnect the modem as shown. See Troubleshooting & Help if your connection is set up as described in the diagram, but you still cannot access the Internet.

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May 19, 2016