The University of Iowa has contracted with Mediacom to provide high speed Internet access to the tenants of the University Apartments at Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive. The service makes use of the coax cable that currently carries cable TV signals and which will now also carry the Internet data signal. To accomplish this, the University has installed coax cable and a cable modem in each apartment.  Mediacom provides the data service and the University provides your cable TV signal over the coax cable.

There is no additional charge for this service for those tenants living in the University Apartments.

This service is available to tenants in the University Apartments at Hawkeye Court and Hawkeye Drive.

The Internet access speed for the service is 256Kbps upload (when sending traffic to the Internet) and 5Mbps download (when receiving traffic from the Internet).

Your first call when the cable modem service is not working is typically to Mediacom at the number identified on the Troubleshooting & Help page.  Before calling:

  • Please follow the trouble shooting steps on the Troubleshooting page.
  • Remove any other devices you have installed (such as a wireless router) and reconnect the cable modem as shown in the connection diagram on the Instructions page.

You will need an Ethernet adapter installed in your computer (most computers come with an adapter installed). You will also need a 10BaseT Ethernet drop cable. One is provided with the modem (see the connection diagram on the Instructions page).  If you need a longer drop cable than what was provided, they are commonly available at most consumer electronics stores. (Note: splitters or other connection devices should never be used to connect two or more Ethernet cables.)  You can also move the cable modem closer to your computer; however you will need a longer RG-6 coax cable between the existing splitter and the cable modem.  Longer coax cables are also available at consumer electronics store.

If you are purchasing a new PC, you should order it with an Ethernet adapter pre-installed. If you already own a computer that does not have an Ethernet adapter pre-installed, we suggest purchasing a 3Com 10/100 Etherlink adapter. Laptop users can purchase a comparable PCMCIA card. Ethernet adapters are available for purchase through the IMU Bookstore or from a local consumer electronics stores.

See the service provider’s web site for information or contact the ITS Help Desk (384-4357).

USB cables are typically available at local consumer electronics stores.

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June 22, 2016